CEO’s message on Tanzania Quality Summit 2022

It is with immense pleasure and happiness that we join the international community in the commemoration of World Quality Day in 2022. In Tanzania at the National Quality Association, we celebrate World Quality Day through various engagements which are always concluded by the Tanzania Quality Summit (TQS) during the climax day on Thursday of the second week of November each year. It is two consecutive years in a row we are successfully organizing the Tanzania Quality Summit. To serve as the CEO of the National Quality Association of Tanzania, a quality platform that brings together the private and public sectors under one roof is a real privilege for me and a personal goal since the start of my quality journey more than a decade ago, particularly on how we transform business and contributing to the development trajectory of our country.

The benefits accrued under TQS as a national platform for quality stakeholders reminds me of the old saying, “one evening’s conversation with a superior man is better than ten years of study”, TQS has standout as a unique platform to share knowledge and transform business and operations, our program no doubt helps our stakeholders build on their success in implementing best practices for their organization.

One of the things many participants have noted is the opportunity to grow their network of like-minded professionals when they attend TQS events. Normally we have time set aside for them to interact, not only with their peers but many of the most qualified people in the business under our slogan learn-engage-connect-inspire.

World Quality Day gives us an opportunity to celebrate the success of organizations and people achieved in the recent past. As we celebrate World Quality Day on the 10th of November 2022, under the theme: “Quality Conscience: Doing the right thing”, reminds us to reflect on how corporate culture and conscience can help or hinder an organization in making decisions and ‘do the right thing’ for all stakeholders. A person who acts without conscience will often make bad decisions. Consequently, it is a call for all of us to constantly do the right thing even when no one is watching, not just because it is the right thing to do, but also because it is the thing that we want to do. Thus, we should act with integrity and make choices based on our values. We, at the National Quality Association, commit to continuing to help our stakeholders by embarking on continuous improvement initiatives.

Safari Fungo

Chief Executive Officer

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