Our Vision

The Vision of the NQAT is to be a leader across the Sub-Saharan countries in providing globally competitive services in all areas of quality.

Our Main Activities

For a year now, founding members have played a significant role in providing technical quality management system support to various SMEs from different sectors in Tanzania.


NQAT is led by a board of directors/steering committee and managed by a Chief Executive Officer with the support of a senior leadership team as revealed on the organogram.


The National Quality Association of Tanzania (NQAT) is a member-based association, which acts as a National Quality Platform for sustainable development. It brings together under one umbrella all quality professionals, practitioners and interested stakeholders across the Public and Private sectors with the sole purpose of stimulating and promoting quality awareness, knowledge and undertakings for the benefit of quality and productivity in industries, commerce, services and the general public.

To this end, particular emphasis is placed upon activities focusing on quality undertakings, among others are:

  • Professional and technical assistance to MSMEs/ Technical advisory services to cater for members’ needs.
  • Advocating for quality in products and services
  • Quality Assurance Certification and Auditing
  • Capacity building training
  • Networking and B2B/B2G platforms
  • Mentoring and coaching program
  • Brand visibility and promotions through exhibitions, website and social media platforms.
  • Research and Studies for evidence-based advocacy. | Learn More


NQAT was established by the pool of quality experts from both Public and Private sector whose capacities were enhanced under the Market Access Upgrade Programme, which was implemented by the International Trade Centre under the auspice of European Union.  It was incorporated on 6th day of December 2019 with certificate of incorporation No. 140554340 as a liability limited by guarantee, which means all funds generated are used exclusively in the pursuit of the Association objectives.