Quality Not Quantity

Tanzania Quality Summit (TQS)

Is the largest Annual Quality Summit in Tanzania which brings together the most influential business leaders, quality practitioners, quality consultants, management system certification firms, management system certified companies (e.g ISO 9001, ISO 14001 etc), Management Representatives (MRs) and top corporate decision maker in one inspired venue for three powerful interactive days. Each year thousands of experts in Quality and Management System will gather at this premier National Quality Forum to share best practices, expand their network, exchange experience on the latest updates in the field and further develop their professional growth.

The body of tools, techniques, and methods that Quality encompasses is ever growing, and the digital transformation of today is filled with opportunity to expand the development of new approaches that will affect how quality principles are applied tomorrow, thus having a platform to learn, engage, share and connect is of paramount. The participants engaged are from different filed of specialization which forms the key success factor for the forum, participants will have opportunity to share the insights of organizational performance excellence as the core principles of quality undertakings which of course are the same across the industry thus their success story can be inspiring to everybody in the audience.

No doubt that the Quality and Organization Excellence are important elements in the success of any work or field, as both are considered the main factors of success for any product or service. Therefore, the Sayari Business Solutions (the organizer) has adhered to cope with this great transformation and make the first ever National Quality Summit in line with the development agenda of our country so that quality becomes a key pillar in the achievement of Vision 2025 and the industrialization.



What are we going to do this year?