Empowering Quality, Driving Excellence

Over 5 Years of Experience

Our Mission

We aim to foster sustainable development by enhancing quality standards and practices across all sectors in Tanzania.

Our Vision

To be the leading quality service provider in Sub-Saharan Africa, promoting excellence and global competitiveness.

Our Commitment

Dedicated to supporting members through professional development, quality assurance, and networking opportunities to drive industry success.

Training & Development

Comprehensive programs to build capacity and enhance skills in quality management.

Quality Assurance & Certification

Professional certification and auditing services to ensure compliance with quality standards.

Research & Study

Conducting studies to support evidence-based advocacy and policy-making.

Consultation & Advisory

Expert advice tailored to meet the specific needs of our members and stakeholders.

About Us

The National Quality Association of Tanzania (NQAT) is a member-based organization established in 2019, committed to enhancing quality standards across various sectors. As a National Quality Platform, NQAT unites quality professionals and stakeholders from both public and private sectors. Our mission is to promote quality awareness and practices, driving productivity and excellence in industries, commerce, services, and the general public. We aim to lead in providing quality services across Sub-Saharan Africa, fostering continuous improvement and global competitiveness.

NQAT offers a range of services to support our members in achieving quality excellence. These include professional assistance, quality assurance certification, and capacity-building training programs. We advocate for high-quality products and services and facilitate networking opportunities for B2B and B2G interactions. Join us in our mission to elevate standards and drive success across Tanzania.


Experience You Can Trust

With over five years of dedicated service, the National Quality Association of Tanzania (NQAT) has established itself as a reliable leader in quality standards. We provide expert guidance, comprehensive training, and reliable certification services to help professionals and organizations achieve excellence.



Expert Guidance: Professional expertise in quality management and assurance.


Reliable Certification: Credible and accurate quality certifications.


Comprehensive Training: Essential skills for continuous improvement.


NQAT welcomes members from both individual and institutional backgrounds interested in quality-related matters. Individual Membership offers access to a diverse global network of quality experts and resources. Organizational Membership is tailored to companies aiming to enhance their focus on quality practices, accelerating business value and fostering growth.

Office Hours

Daily - 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Saturday - 09:00 am to 02:00 pm

Holidays - 09:00 am to 02:00 pm


Contact Info

(255) 755 826 823


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